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Clax Crystal 33f1 20kg Laundry Soak Diversey


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Clax Crystal 3KP1 is a single-shot main wash detergent. It is formulated for use in commercial and on-premise laundries and suitable for cleaning fabric from healthcare, as well as cleaning hotel and restaurant linen. The product is suited for soft water conditions and can be applied for washing all cotton and polycotton fabrics, and also for preparing stable and clear stock solutions ensuring optimal dosing. The well-balanced blend of soap and low-foaming non-ionics results in excellent soil removal and dispersion of soil components. In addition, soap facilitates calendering of flatwork on multi-roll calenders by acting as a lubricant and may render towels softer.
Excellent performance on a wide range of stains and types of soils
Prevents graying of linen, stabilization of soil particles in the wash liquor
Ensures long-lasting whiteness
Facilitates calendering
Easy dosing from stable stock solutions
Prevents corrosion of machine parts

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